Kalamazoo Real Estate Photography

Specializing in Kalamazoo real estate photography, I have an absolute passion for shooting spaces. I love walking into a shop, restaurant or home and visualize how it would look as a set of photographs. I am excited by the different types of materials-wood, cement, metal, and well-worn surfaces. There is something special about a space that has history; the lives that have passed through and their stories. I am committed to helping people move forward with their lives by selling their homes. It is my job to create a set of images that will accurately represent a home and its features to potential buyers.

Why do Clients choose me?

  • I am a professional and I am nice to work with.
  • My images sell homes.
    I take high quality photographs of a property and deliver them quickly.
  • During a photo shoot, I pay attention to the details: moving garbage cans and rugs, picking up the dogs toys and opening up the drapes to name a few.
  • I make it easy to do business with me by, formatting the photos for the MLS system and taking credit/debit card payments, working weekends, and holidays.
  • I guarantee all of my work 100%.

What is included with my Kalamazoo real estate photography service?

  • I photograph an entire property including the interiors and exteriors. If there are out buildings, such as barns, storage or garages, they will be photographed as well.
  • I move from room to room, photographing each one in several different angles to best showcase its features.
  • My full shoots include a seasonal re-shoot of the exteriors if needed.

Payment is expected when service is rendered. I do not invoice. Business checks and credit/debit cards are welcome.

What you should expect from me

  • I have an understanding of real estate and marketing with over 12 years of experience.
  • I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years.
    My equipment is current and I know how to use it.
    I process all of my images. I do not send it out.
    Professional and courteous, I want a long term relationship with your office. Responsive and helpful,I will be on time for my appointments.
  • If the seller needs help with a few tweaks during the shoot, I am happy to assist. High quality photographs delivered promptly.
    Assistance downloading or posting photos.
    A Seasonal re-shoot of the exteriors if needed.
  • My straightforward pricing is based on the size of the house. Additional fees are charged for travel over 30 miles roundtrip 100% guarantee of my work.